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What is Optinutrition and the support behind the claim 'Optinutrition superior level of nutrients'?

​OPTINUTRITION is a way of giving your dog or cat extra nutrients as well as the finest ingredients.

Each of these nutrients is selected with scientific expertise. They deliver a specific nutritional boost and targeted health benefits in each product. We believe nutrition is the foundation for optimal health and wellbeing as well as the start of an amazing life for your dog or cat. That’s why we guarantee PURINA® PRO PLAN® diets contain 100% of all the essential nutrients in every serving.

The support behind the claim 'Optinutrition superior level of nutrients' is based on two factors:
1) That the PURINA® PRO PLAN® range is the most advanced in the Purina portfolio
2) That PURINA® PRO PLAN® delivers superior nutrients bioavailability