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Your Pet, Our Passion.
Pro Plan

PROPLAN cat food brand

High-performance nutritious food, tailored for your cat’s unique health needs at every stage of its life.

Nutrition That Performs™

The PRO PLAN® range has been developed by a dedicated team of more than 500 scientists, including veterinarians, nutritionists and animal behaviourists, to provide cats with meaningful health benefits that are scientifically proven. Our breakthrough research has also proven that cats maintained in a lean body condition throughout their lives can enjoy a long healthy life.

Cats are everything to the PRO PLAN® team, and each formula is designed to give your cat the best nutrition, so that it is visibly healthy and happy.

PRO PLAN Cat food
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Our nutrition
Our range of products for kittens is specially formulated to support their growth and development, so that they get the best start in life and grow to their full potential.
Our nutrition
Our range of food for adult cats combines all essential nutrients to deliver complete and balanced nutrition that boosts immunity, promotes healthy kidneys, and supports superior nutrient absorption.
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Introducing PRO PLAN® LIVECLEAR™ Allergen-Reducing Cat Food

The world’s first and only allergen-reducing food for cats. A safe and feline-friendly option to help reduce allergens whilst keeping cats in your homes and on your laps.

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