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Breed quiz
Breed quiz

Welcome to the Purina Cat Breed Selector

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Whether you know the cat breeds you like or need a bit of guidance, we’re here to help pair you with your ideal four-legged friend.
Breed quiz
Behaviour 1 / 3
How active do you want your breed?
Don't mind
I'd like a cat that's calm
I'd like a cat that's playful and curious.
I'd like a cat that's highly active and inquisitive.
Breed quiz
Behaviour 2 / 3
How sociable?
Don't mind
That is sociable and dependent
That is friendly but independent
That is independent
Breed quiz
Behaviour 3 / 3
How talkative?
Don't mind
A cat that is quiet
A cat that is slightly talkative
A cat that is very talkative
Breed quiz
Appearance 1 / 3
What type of physique?
Don't mind
I'd like a lean and elegant breed
I'd like an average build cat breed
I'd prefer a larger and stocky breed
Breed quiz
Appearance 2 / 3
How much grooming are you prepared to do?
Don't mind
I've got time for grooming my cat every day
I've only got time for grooming my cat once a week
Breed quiz
Appearance 3 / 3
Could cat allergies be an issue in your household?
No, it´s not an issue
Yes, I require a hypoallergenic breed
Breed quiz
Environment 1 / 2
Will your cat live indoors, outdoors a bit of both?
Don't mind
My cat will be an indoor-only pet
My cat will have limited access to out-door space
My cat will be free to roam outdoors at will
Breed quiz
Environment 2 / 2
Are you looking for a cat that's good with children?
Don't mind


Perks of Taking the Cat Breed Quiz

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Created by an in-house team of Purina breed experts
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We’ll match their needs with your lifestyle
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Over 50 breeds to choose from