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puppy chewing on a red toy

5 Puppy Games to Bond with Your Furry Pal

4 min read

Playing with your puppy is a huge part of your relationship, with loads of benefits! Fun games for puppies help keep your pet active and healthy and gives you the chance to get to know each other better. 

Tug of war

Make sure you have a toy that’s long enough for you to both hold comfortably without his teeth getting in the way. This isn’t just great exercise for your puppy, it also helps teach him about appropriate play! Just don’t pull the toy upwards as this can hurt his back – instead, wriggle the toy from side to side, taking care not to be too tough on his tiny teeth and developing mouth. This game can be tiring for puppies, a great way to let them burn off excess energy. 

Hide and seek

Hide and seek is not just a fun game to play; it’ll help your puppy recognise his name! Unless your puppy knows the ‘sit’ or ‘stay’ command, you might need some help here. Ask someone to hold your puppy while you hide. Then call your puppy’s name repeatedly and let him seek you out. When he finds you, show him plenty of affection as a reward! This is a great mental game for puppies indoors or outdoors.

Chase the ball

Walk your pet and play throw-the-ball at the same time. Increase the distance he travels by encouraging him to run after the ball and bring it back to you. This puppy game will let him burn off some real energy as well as satisfy his basic instincts! Just make sure your puppy has had all of his vaccinations so he can enjoy the outdoors without any health risk. 

Obstacle course

Create a fun and exciting obstacle course from household items and guide your puppy through it. Soon he’ll be able to complete it all by himself. Make the obstacle course harder each time, keeping him interested in this fun and rewarding game. As a reward, give him a treat when they reach the end.

This will help develop co-ordination skills as well as be a good mental stimulation game for your puppy.


Teaching your puppy fun and useful tricks is a great way to help him develop his agility and cognitive skills. From teaching him to ‘sit’ to asking him to ‘fetch’ your slippers, training your puppy is a good way to strengthen your bond. 

Benefits of playing games with puppies 

While growing fast your puppy will always want to play! Games will help him learn about interacting with the world, improve his coordination skills, build muscle, and help with his  socialisation. Best of all, puppy games will provide brilliant bonding experiences for you both. You’ll learn more about his personality and he’ll get used to your commands. 

The more you spend time playing together while your puppy is young, the better relationship you’ll have as he grows older. By engaging in these five fun games for puppies you’ll enjoy yourself and train your furry friend in no time.