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The Singapura cat looks like a small Abyssinian. Its head is rounded with a definite whisker break and a short broad muzzle. The ears are large and deeply cupped. The eyes are large and almond shaped slightly slanted and held wide open. Although these are small cats, the body is stocky and muscular. The tail is slender with a blunt tip. The coat is short and smooth with bands of black, brown or ivory in each hair. The hairs are darker on the back, tail and legs. The chest and belly are a pale ivory colour. The eyes can be hazel, green or yellow and are outlined in black.

The need-to-know
  • Playful and curious cat
  • Sociable and dependent cat
  • Somehow talkative cat
  • Lean and elegant cat breed
  • Requires grooming once a week
  • Non hypoallergenic breed
  • Needs some out-door space
  • May require familiarisation before living with children


The Singapura cat is very affectionate and friendly but, unlike its Oriental counterparts, it has a very quiet voice and is more reserved. Singapura cats love human company and they are content to sit on their owner's knee or shoulder – they seem to love the warmth. They seem to prefer to be above the ground and will often find a position that will give them a good view such as the top of bookshelves or wardrobes. They are active, lively and always being willing to play. They learn quickly and are inquisitive and mischievous.

History and Origins

Country of Origin: Singapore

The Singapura cat originates from Singapore and its name means Lion City, the local Malay name for their island. It was known as the 'drain cat' because of its habit of sleeping in drains and living in the gutters. This is also the reason given for the cat's small stature; the Singapura cat is the world's smallest breed of cat. The Singapura cat breed is thought to have existed for about 300 years and is descended from cats from all over the world that arrived in Singapore on ships and bred with the local feral cats. The authorities considered them to be vermin and periodically culled the population. In 1974 the cull was so widespread that only three cats of the Singapura breed survived and these cats were exported to America along with a fourth found in 1980. From these four cats the recognised breed was founded. The first Singapura cat was imported into Britain in 1989 and they are now rapidly increasing in popularity.

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