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Pupping waiting for food

Bringing Home a New Puppy? Know What to Expect

11 min read

Getting a new puppy is such an exciting time. Despite all the fun times you’ll be having with your small ball of fur, introducing this new ball of fur and joy to the family can be challenging! To help you prepare for this magical moment, here are some of the things you can look forward to as an owner.

New puppy checklist

Before anything else, put together a puppy checklist. Although it can be tempting to buy lots of new things for your new dog, you should make sure you buy the essentials first.

  • Two bowls - one for food and one for water. These can be ceramic or stainless steel 
  • A nylon or leather lead and collar. This will be used for dog walks. For more energetic breeds, you might want to get a gentle leader head collar
  • Grooming equipment 
  • Some safe, fun, stimulating toys 
  • A bed - Find one that’s right for your dog’s size and temperament
  • Food - Check what type of food your puppy has been given by the breeder or rescue centre and continue with that same diet for at least a week. You can swap their food, gradually over a period of time later if you like, or if there are health reasons for doing so 

Puppyhood is one of the most magical times you can spend with your dog. These first few weeks together will help cement the bond between you and your new dog. Watch how new puppy parents in Purina got through their puppy’s settling-in phase.